“I am with you always close by, ready to help. Yes, forever until the end of time…”

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Humans gather in groups. In our Catholic faith, we believe that we are One Body with Christ. As a catholic community we also believe that family and community is vital in building God’s Kingdom so our children prepare for the sacraments alongside parents and with the parish community. This is called family catechists. Family catechists, or preparation, is not just for children but parents too. In family catechists, adults as well as children, work, learn and pray together. They share their faith with each other and with other families.

All year 4 children receive an invitation to join the First Holy Communion Programme.  If you have children in year 5 or year 6 and wish them to receive the Sacrament, please contact the school office in September.

Please see below the dates for this years programme.

Commitment Meeting – Sacred Heart Church – Tuesday 9th October 2018, 6.00 pm

In the name of the Father – School – Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Lord Have Mercy – School – Tuesday 6th November 2018

Celebrating our Rescue – School – Tuesday 20th November 2018

God helps me get it right – School – Tuesday 4th December 2018

Glory to God in the highest – School – Tuesday 18th December 2018

The word of the Lord – School – Tuesday 8th January 2019

Bread to offer – School – Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Fruit of the vine – School – Tuesday 5th February 2019

Do this in memory of me – School – Tuesday 26th February 2019

Reconciliation – Sacred Heart Church – Tuesday 12th March 2019

Body of Christ – School – Tuesday 26th March 2019

To love and to serve – School – Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Practice in Churches with the bread and wine – Sunday 28th April after 11.00 am Mass

Celebration days 12th & 19th May 2019 (proposed)

Additional Dates

1. Children to be introduced within the parish – weekend of 24th and 25th November (all churches)

2. Children to receive bibles – weekend of 12th and 13th January (all churches)

3. Children to do the offertory – weekend of 9th and 10th February (all churches)

First Holy Communion

9.00 am, Sunday 12th May 2019 -Sacred Heart

11.00 am, Sunday 19th May 2019 – St Augustine’s

First Holy Communion Liturgy & Breakfast will take place after both groups have received the Sacrament.  – Monday 20th May, 9.00 am