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St. Benedict’s Catholic Voluntary Academy bases itself on the belief that we are all part of God’s family and should treat each other with care, respect and love. We seek to build a strong partnership with parents and families and establish a school community that embodies and fulfils our school vision.

Our vision as a truly Catholic community with Christ at the heart of all we do, is to…..

  • Be grateful for all that we have, give thanks and praise God each day.
  • Aspire to be the best we can be, knowing that we will learn and embrace all we can when we can.
  • As children of God, we nurture the talents of each unique individual to be inspirational members of our community.
  • In caring for the world in which we live, we foster the unique gifts of each child so they may serve and grow as disciples of faith and shine in the Glory of God.

‘Pray together, learn together’

To promote the knowledge and values of the Catholic Faith through individual and collective prayer and worship, so that each person grows even closer to God, takes responsibility within the Christian community and learns to be tolerant of all races and religious beliefs.

After love, a good education is the greatest gift we can bestow upon our children. We will strive to motivate, stimulate and assist children in developing their own unique gifts to the limit of their capacities. Through a broad and balanced curriculum we will assist children to acquire the knowledge and skills, which support their continuing education and be relevant to their lives.

Each child will be valued as an individual and will be encouraged to develop a positive self-image, an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and an appreciation of the hopes and achievements of others, within the spirit of equal opportunity.

The school will seek to build a strong partnership with parents, families, the parish and the wider community, encouraging active participation in the life of the school, in order that each individual is valued and respected.

The school will provide an environment of mutual encouragement and support for all staff, with opportunities for self-improvement, appraisal, training and development, through the Christian ethos of the school.