We are pleased to announce an addition to our School programme.  We now offer support groups for any child who is expressing any difficulty or distress due to a change within their family circumstance or any painful loss. This programme is called RAINBOWS.

When something significant happens in a family, the entire family is affected.  Even though death, divorce or other loss issues (such as marital breakdown) appear to be only grown-up problems, they do have a profound effect on the children who are touched by such experiences.  If a parent dies, a divorce happens, or some other painful loss occurs, not only do the parents grieve, the children do also.  Children may find it extremely difficult to verbalise their feelings of grief because of their age and inexperience.

We have some very sensitive, caring and trained adults who have said “yes” to helping these children put their feelings into words, work through their grief, build a stronger sense of self-esteem, and begin to accept what has taken place in the family.

If your child has experienced the death of a loved family member, friend or sibling, or is struggling through a painful experience, this will be an opportunity for him/her to share with a special someone.

To support our younger children in Reception and Year 1, there is also a group call Sunbeams. This is modelled on the Rainbows programme but uses age appropriate resources. Through SunBeams, children will have the opportunity to grieve the loss in their family and develop appropriate coping mechanisms for life.

Part of the SunBeams programme involves using activities such as puppets, especially designed to help them express their feelings and to learn new coping strategies. The sessions include the following subjects: Self, Divorce and Death, Anger, Family, Belonging, Trust and Coping Tools.


If you think that you may be interested in either of these programmes, or would just like some further information,  please see Miss Fountain (co-ordinator) for more details.